Lesson about the Bible being there to protect us and show us the way to go.


Psalms 119: 105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

Personal pair of well worn shoes and a small flashlight in a shoe box.


I heard someone say once that they thought the Bible was just a bunch of rules to make sure people don’t have any fun. I don’t agree. I think they are the two different things I have in this box. (Open box and remove the pair of well-worn shoes) I can’t even begin to imagine how many things these shoes have protected my feet from as I’ve walked around: rocks, broken glass, and plants that might haven given me a rash. They have also kept them from getting hurt when I bump my foot into something. Have you ever done that when you were barefoot or just in your socks, you kicked something and stubbed you toe. Ouch! Does that ever hurt. (Walk around like you’ve just stubbed your toe for maximum effect for this statement)

But you might look at these and think, Wow, those are old and worn out and I should probably just throw them out and get a new pair. Well, that isn’t easy to do since I have broken in these shoes and they fit me perfectly. New shoes just don’t feel the same.

Now you may be wondering why I say my Bible is like a pair of old shoes. Well, you see, like what these shoes have protected me from, the things I’ve learned in the Bible have protected me from troubles I can’t even imagine. I say that because there are times I’ve done things in the past that were not what the Bible teaches, and I was always sorry.

When I step on things or stub my toe it reminds me I need to be wearing my shoes, so it is when I find myself in times of trouble that I know I need my Bible and what it teaches. There are lots of stories about people who didn’t always follow what God wanted them to do and they got a reminder. Like when God sent that big Fish for the prophet Jonah. Jonah decided not to do what God told him to do. But God can be pretty insistent. I bet being inside that fish for three days really got Jonahs attention didn’t it.

The Bible teaches, in what happens to be the longest chapter in the whole Bible - Psalms 119 verse 105, “…that the Bible is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path.” So not only does it keep us safe, it also shows us the safe direction we should be traveling, kind of like this (Pull out flashlight from box and turn it on). So when I’m walking at night, my shoes protect me, but the flashlight also shows me where not to walk and helps keep me on the right path.

But neither your shoes or a flash light will do you any good if you don’t use them, neither will the Bible if you don’t read or learn about what it teaches.

(At this point you can go into what ever Bible lesson is for the day)